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Sh. Akhilesh Mishra: A tale of cultural diplomacy

From the frolic of the streets of Banaras to the exuberance of diplomatic discussions, this is the story of Sh. Akhilesh Mishra.

While Banaras’ carnival of life has pulled people for centuries, few get to be born in the laps of its immense stretches. Sh. Akhilesh Mishra was …

A lifetime of achievements: Sh. Anil K. Chopra

A story that started in the Northwest Frontier Province, which found its way to the ghats of Banaras and has now established its roots in California; having witnessed the horrors of partition, is still being zealous to break new grounds: this is the tale of Sh. Anil K. Chopra.

Update about Mess Worker Campaign during COVID Pandemic

Dear IIT (BHU) Alumni,

This has been a challenging year for most all around the world. However, it is no secret that the people worst affected by this crisis are those in our society's lower economic strata. A few months ago, we reached out to the Institute's Alumni community to …

IIT BHU Alumni Start-up Showcase Series: Aquvio

Welcome to IIT BHU Global Alumni Association

Banaras - the city where we had our many “firsts”, where we joined in as teenagers and came out as responsible adults, where the foundation of our personality was laid. Our Alumni association connects you with your previous self - with Banaras and …